YouTube video on Assembly

Place one wheel face down on a hard surface.  Insert the axle into the hole in the center of the wheel just enough to stay in place. 


Add the second wheel facedown onto the axle so it goes in the hole of the second wheel.  


Pick up the wheel and axle assembly between your thumb and trigger finger.  Squeeze the wheels together until they are fully on the axle.  


Remove the screw from the Blade Sled and in the bottom half insert the axle into one of the axle grooves. 21 or 19 degrees. The wheels will hang over both sides. 


Add the top piece by placing it on top while aligning the same axle groove on both pieces. Insert the machine bolt and lightly tighten.


Initial Blade Position:

Insert a blade to sharpen in the jaws of the clamp and snug the machine bolt lightly so the blade is held in place firmly but can be moved with your fingers. Position the blade so it is extended about 3/16" from the face of the clamp. Adjust the blade so that the edge to be sharpened is parallel to the face of the jig. Tighten firmly but don't crank it down yet.  Continue with Sharpening.