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BLADE SLED Broadhead Sharpener

BLADE SLED Broadhead Sharpener

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The BLADE SLED is a 1.5” wide broadhead sharpener for sharpening small blades razor sharp with minimal effort.  Designed specifically to sharpen Rage, QAD ExodusSwhacker, Steel Force Phat Head, Magnus Stinger and Black Hornet, Muzzy and many other blades**.  Now includes an alignment pin to keep the clamp aligned easier.  Use the included washer as a rear spacer to clamp and sharpen Magnus Stinger, Magnus Black Hornet, Steel Force Phat Head and other thick blades. It even works with X-Acto blades. High strength T6-6061 aircraft aluminum and smooth rolling steel axle with plastic wheels. Angle choice of 21 or 19 degrees***. Just loosen screw and move axle position to change angle. High clamp force allows sharpening wet or dry in stones or sandpaper.  Easy to assemble. Easy to adjust angle. Wet shaving sharp can be expected when following the directions.  400 grit and 800 grit aluminum oxide or silicon carbide wet/dry sandpaper recommended. For slightly bent or extra thick blades start with 220 grit to create a fresh bevel. Repeatable, wet shaving sharp with little effort. That's ready to hunt! If you want it sharper, with some practice you can achieve dry shaving sharp.  The BLADE SLED is extremely durable for it's purpose and will last a lifetime. With the BLADE SLED you can easily SHARPEN, HARVEST, REPEAT...

* Sevr have a small raised tab. Be sure to hold flat when tightening clamp.

** works with any small blade that is flat and has a straight edge(not curved). 

*** angles measured with 3/16" of the blade exposed from the clamp

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